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Unable to view multimedia content.

Although this site is viewable without any additional browser plug-ins, certain multimedia content will require installation of the latest Adobe Flash Player.

Flash Player can be freely downloaded from the Adobe website by following the links on their homepage. Once installed please restart your browser and reload this page.

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Flash Player is installed, but I still can't view multimedia content

If you have Adobe Flash player installed and you are still unable to view multimedia content, it is possible your browser is blocking the viewing software from initiating or you have javascript disabled in your internet settings.

Blocking is an inbuilt security measure; you may notice a message bar at the top or bottom of your browser indicating that active content has been prevented from being displayed.

By following the instructions in this message bar, you can allow multimedia content to be displayed temporarily.

If this does not solve the problem, then try enabling javascript in the internet options via your browser's tools menu.

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Website Accessibility Features

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The font size of the text can be altered to your liking through your browser's View menu.


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In some browsers, you may need to press ENTER after the 'ALT + Access Key' sequence.

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